Natural summer skincare routine - a few tips how to keep your skin fresh and glowing this summer.

Natural Facial Oils by Aya Green Skincare

Summer is almost here so we need to adjust our skincare routine for hot days. How our skincare routine changes over the year depends on many factors. Summer and hot weather are one of them. High temperature, dry and hot winds, sun exposure , air conditioning, low humidity – these are all factors that have impact on our summer skin.

All types of skin will be affected by summer weather to some degree. Oily skin may of course get oilier. Sweating may cause the pores to open which may result in more break-outs and pimples than normal. Dry skin may also get drier (sunshine and air conditioning are one of the factors here). Mature skin is more prone to get fine lines and wrinkles due to sun exposure in the summer and can get dehydrated easily.

Here are some tips for your summer skincare routine:

1. Daily face cleansing is a ‘must’.

It is absolutely essential to wash off all dirt, sweat, sunscreen or make up at the end of each day. Your pores can get blocked easily and if you don’t clean the face before bedtime the skin will be prone to break-outs and pimples. If the skin is clean it will function better, the nutrients will be absorbed more easily and it will have youthful and healthy look. Look for natural face cleanser which are gentle for skin and don’t strip the skin of the natural oils.

2. Exfoliation – less often?

Exfoliation can increase sensitivity of the skin to the sun. So if you spend a lot of time outside during the day, expose your skin to the sun most of the day or are on holidays getting great tan try not to exfoliate as much as usual. And the most important don’t exfoliate immediately before going out in the sun.

3. Use lighter moisturisers.

The skin needs to be moisturised daily even if it’s summertime and it doesn’t get dry as much as in winter. Dry skin may get drier due to air conditioning, sun exposure or dry winds. In summertime it doesn’t need heavy and thick moisturisers that form a protective layer on the skin. They are too heavy for summer and may cause the skin to sweat and clog the pores. Oily skin needs moisturising as well and the moisturisers are to be light which is even more important than with dry skin. As we know oily skin with large pores is very prone to pimples and break-outs which is difficult to avoid in summer.

You can try one of the Natural Facial Oils by Aya Green Skincare which are perfect both for summer and winter. They are very lightweight facial oils that are absorbed easily and don’t leave greasy feel on the skin.

If you have dry skin you can try one of the below oils:

All above oils are safe enough to be used in the sunshine but of course together with sunscreen.

Oily skin will benefit from Normalising Facial Oil for oily skin which will both moisturise oily skin and regulate sebum production. If your skin is mature and oily we recommend Invigorating Facial Oil for mature skin which is great for dry skin as well by the way. These last 2 oils contain Mandarin essential oil which may cause the skin to be photosensitive so they are not recommended to be used when your skin will be exposed to the sun for longer or before using sunbeds.

4. Use sunscreen when in the sun.

Always use sunscreen when you are outside having sunbaths. Try to look for natural sunscreen creams, lotions or oils that are gentler on the skin than popular versions that contain harmful chemical ingredients. Sunscreen will protect the skin from the negative effects of UV rays and delay ageing of the skin.

5. Use toners and spritzers frequently.

Toners and spritzers are a wonderful way of giving your skin hydration and freshness especially on a hot summer day. The best are of course natural toners and spritzers as they usually don’t contain alcohol that can irritate and dry the skin. Natural floral waters are great to use as toners on their own (some may need to be diluted) or they may be used as spritzers and be sprayed over the face. Used as spritzers they have a cooling and refreshing effect on the skin which is so desirable in the summer.

6. Drink plenty and eat healthy.

And last but not least drink plenty of water and try to eat healthy. Keeping the body hydrated by drinking plenty will also keep the skin better hydrated. Resign from heavy and fatty foods and eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables which give your skin and body essential nutrients and vitamins.

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