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About Me

          'Nothing More Than Nature’ – it’s what I’ve always wanted to use as skincare on my face and body. Unfortunately many skincare products that claim to be natural still contain a lot of harsh chemicals that are harmful for the skin. Cosmetic natural and organic standards have been developed by different certification bodies but there is no actual legislation when it comes to beauty products. These standards say that a cosmetic product has to contain high proportion of natural or organic ingredients to get ‘natural’ label but still some synthetic ingredients are allowed to be used.

       After years of trying to find natural cosmetic products that would suit my skin I decided to experiment myself with creating such products. Years of gaining knowledge about our skin and the benefits of using natural ingredients in skincare brought Aya Green Skincare to life.

       I’ve chosen to make facial oils as these are products that don’t contain water so they don’t need any preservatives to ensure they are safe to use. Preservatives are necessary for water based products because they prevent bacteria growing in water. That’s how you can create a 100% natural product using only natural carrier oils, botanical active ingredients and essential oils.

       My facial oils are designed to give the skin exactly what it needs and make it healthy, younger looking and glowing. This means that oily skin will get a solution for large pores and shiny skin, dry skin will get hydration it needs and mature skin will gain elasticity and wrinkle decrease. Apart from this all types of skin will benefit from nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9) and other active ingredients present in Facial Oils. They give nourishment and moisture to the skin and leave it revitalised, smooth and healthy looking.

        The ingredients I use are cold pressed and organic carrier oils, organic botanical extracts and essential oils. I wanted to create skincare products that would be affordable yet as much efficient as other brands using expensive and complicated ingredients.

I hope you will enjoy using Aya Green Skincare Facial Oils.

Thank you.

Agnieszka, the founder of Aya Green Skincare.

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