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A blueberry is a small fruit that grows on a shrub that produces green leaves and bears white or pink flowers. They are light blue to black in colour and grow wild in many parts of the world. Blueberry seed oil is pressed from the blueberry seeds and it’s often used for its health and skin benefits.

  • The oil is one of Nature’s potent antioxidants making it very effective for skin repair and rejuvenation. It’s useful in promoting repair of damaged skin tissue caused by scalds and burns as well as reducing fine lines around the eyes.

  • It gives elasticity to the skin and helps slow down the visible signs of skin ageing.

  • It is an excellent oil to use on sensitive and oily skin, skin with large pores as well as all kinds of skin infections, such as acne, pimples and boils.

You can find Blueberry Seed Oil in Facial Oils:

Anti Acne Facial Oil

Normalising Facial Oil

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