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Tea tree oil is renowned for its endless number of uses, particularly for the skin. It is produced from a shrub-like tree and it is one of the best essential oils for use in skincare.

  • Tea tree oil has antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties which make it perfect for any type of problem skin like acne prone skin. It reduces the inflammation and irritation of the skin caused by acne or other inflammatory conditions.

  • Tea tree oil has wonderful healing and regenerative properties so it’s perfect for healing cuts, wounds, infections and scars. It also help with fading out scar tissue and skin blemishes.

  • Its anti inflammatory properties help with inflammation, irritation and redness of the skin, especially for eczema or psoriasis prone skin.

You can get benefits of Tea Tree Oil and its antibacterial and healing properties by using one of the Facial Oils:

Anti Acne Facial Oil For All Skin Types

Normalising Facial Oil For Oily Skin

and also in our 

Soothing Oil For Hands, Feet And Nails

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