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Natural Facial Oils 



Natural facial oils are unique blends of plant oils, seeds oils and plant extracts. They provide skin with many nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins. They protect the skin by creating the protective layer on the skin which keeps the right level of moisture. The oils can help with elasticity and firmness of the skin and some of them can speed up regeneration process. They are also very beneficial for eczema and psoriasis prone skin.


The oils are gentle enough to be used every day in the morning and at night. They should be used on clean skin.

A little goes a long way so you may need only 2 – 5 drops depending on the type of the skin.

The oils can be used on their own or together with moisturiser.

Facial oils are products that don’t contain water so they don’t provide skin with water.

They help with keeping water in the skin by creating the protective layer.

Some of the ingredients like squalane have humectant properties

which means that they can draw water from the air into the skin.


So if you feel that your skin needs water try to use facial oils in one of the ways below:

  • Use facial oil every day on its own and moisturiser from time to time when you feel your skin needs it.

  • Use facial oil on slightly wet skin which will cause the skin to absorb both water and oil.

  • Mix a couple of drops of oil into the amount of moisturiser that you use.

  • Massage your moisturiser into the skin and after a while massage a couple of drops of oil.



Store the oils in dark and cool place (bathroom cabinet will do) and keep away from direct sunlight.

The cap should be closed tightly after each use which will slow down oxidation of the oil.

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